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Nite Fleit - Day Fleit / Nite Fleit


Day Fleit / Nite Fleit by Nite Fleit

A tale of two halves

The debut album from Australian artist and DJ Alysha Fleiter, aka Nite Fleit, is overflowing with ideas, often to its detriment. Served as two phases (the well-trodden 'Day' and 'Nite' angle), opener Overload is a prime example of where things work, the rolling Electro loop and arpeggio melody is delectable. Likewise the melody on Like I Used To Be is like Legowelt at his smoothest.

In contrast, the thumping kick drum on Double Digits, which heralds the beginning of the 'Nite' phase, is an unpleasant jolt to the system. Same with Nah, which chugs along, nondescript, with one purpose, keep the revellers on the floor.

The concept is there but as a series of twelve album tracks, it doesn't work; the disparity is its downfall. There's two strong EPs in there though, with the Rave vibe and Breakbeats of Paranoid Energy an album highlight.

If you only listen to one track



Namesis, CYRK, Julia Bondar


Steel City Dance Discs

Artist website

Nite Fleit

Release date

04 Aug 2022


  1. Overload
  2. Like I Used To Be (feat. Mesmé)
  3. Desensitisation
  4. The Flower Dance (feat. Partiboi69)
  5. Dark End Of The Street
  6. A Morning Song
  7. Double Digits
  8. Nah
  9. Airs & Graces
  10. Paranoid Energy
  11. Bold Poke
  12. Serious Effect


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