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Collins - Skins

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Skins by Collins

Beautiful and dark Electronic Pop music that will leave you utterly beguiled

Easily my fav album of the year so far this. Irishman Gary Collins is the brains behind the brawn and boy is this powerful stuff! The press blurb captures the essence of the vibe perfectly:

’Skins’ unveils a fascinating, if slightly unnerving, crepuscular world. This is a land of slow motion, beautifully poised electro-ballads comprising vintage synths, drum machines and a scintillating cinematic palette of found sound.

If you only listen to one track



Hinako Omori, Darkstar


Subexotic Records

Artist website


Release date

22 Jul 2022


  1. Heart Armor
  2. The Clocks
  3. Willow
  4. Not Waving, But Drowning
  5. The Unfortunate Lad
  6. DNR
  7. Ushers Island
  8. A Song for Sparrow
  9. Preserved in Amber
  10. Old Ford Road
  11. AnaSonata
  12. Seagull 15
  13. Betrayal


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