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Unknown Me - Bishintai

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Bishintai by Unknown Me

Glorious glitchy Ambient with computerised vocals

Tokyo electronic enchanters UNKNOWN ME return to Not Not Fun Records for their fifth album Bishintai. It's a dreamy 40 minute passage with a glowing streak of Sci-Fi that transports and uplifts. With contributions from foodman and Jim O'Rourke, among others, it's a well-rounded listen, at once energising and calming. Take a trip!

If you only listen to one track

Moisture of View (with MC.Sirafu)


Steve Hauschildt, Khotin


Not Not Fun Records

Artist website

Unknown Me

Release date

30 Apr 2021


  1. Beauty, Mind and Body #1
  2. Open The Sense 04:47
  3. Gaze on Your Palm
  4. Breathing Wave (with foodman) 03:25
  5. Have a Noble Meal (with Jim O'Rourke)
  6. Moisture of View (with MC.Sirafu) 03:43
  7. Beauty, Mind and Body #2
  8. Isometrics
  9. Can You Hear a New World
  10. Treadmill (with Lisa Nakagawa) 04:24
  11. Aroma Oxygen 04:35
  12. Beauty, Mind and Body #3


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