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Baraboro - Coatlicue's Dreams

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Coatlicue's Dreams by Baraboro

Intriguing crossover album of Ambient Jazz and experimental Pop

Coatlicue's Dreams is the surprising debut album from Lithuanian artist Gintė Preisaitė, aka Baraboro. Surprising in that this young producer has established a unique body of work incorporating selected sounds from electro-acoustic Ambient to Jazz-tinged odes, each revealing a deeper insight into her considered composition and attention retention. Cut-up saxophone with birdsong on the opening track Sun and Moon presents one view while, Its ok and it's not presents a polar opposite with an alluring siren song. In between, samples, field recordings, muffled tape hiss and wonky piano notes, like The Caretaker in his worst mental state, leave little room for listener complacency. Challenging but rewarding.

If you only listen to one track

Its ok and it's not


Puce Mary, The Caretaker


No Technique

Release date

09 Apr 2021


  1. Sun and moon
  2. Spingsi
  3. Swim
  4. T.H.eripsni
  5. Unnf:/rose
  6. Its ok and it's not
  7. Serpentine
  8. See ya'


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