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The Best Of PLUR (Volumes 1+2+3)


The Best Of PLUR (Volumes 1+2+3)

Here's my fav tracks from Lobster Theremin's first three PLUR charity compilations

After many repeat listens I've selected the strongest tracks (roughly one third of the total 45 tracks) and arranged them in a suitably pleasing sequence. Enjoy!


  1. Sofie Birch - Time Swim
  2. Bleaching Agent - The Cockfighter
  3. DJ Mantis - Hiena
  4. Moving Still - Bad Kafeel
  5. Serena Butler - Ima (Xhe Iz A Tvue Drexciyan Mix)
  6. Meg Ward - Playground Gossip
  7. Mean-E - Gimme Dat
  8. Rhythm Phazer - Glow
  9. Plastic & Zoey Shopmaker - Rain On Down
  10. Will Hofbauer - Pyrex
  11. MEGAFORCE - Space Open
  12. Ben Sims - Free Jack
  13. Dwarde & Tim Reaper - So Strange
  14. Tred - Do The Dance Little One
  15. Raw M.T - WWM
  16. RIP Swirl - Rugged
  17. Ray Kandinski - Take 2


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