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Progetto Tribale - Volume 7

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Volume 7 by Progetto Tribale

Seventh volume in the Progetto Tribale series

Volume 7, you say? Yes, you may have missed the first six, like myself. Between 1992-96 a bunch of like-minded Italians, that included Giancarlino, Pietro and Paolo Micioni and Stefano Facchielli (aka D.RaD), combined their love of African rhythms and Soul music to land on a sound that is ubiquitous today. Listening to those (near thirty year old) tracks now, the timeless quality is unmistakable. It's only fitting then that this next installment is led by Italian stalwart of the scene, Donato Dozzy.

Volume 7 gives us three new tracks along with a Dozzy remix of 1992 classic Behaviour, each of which remain true to the original tribal ethos while retaining a timeless appeal. This really is quality work.

If you only listen to one track

Variable Mu


Danza Tribale

Artist website

Progetto Tribale

Release date

30 Oct 2020


  1. Vu Rhythm
  2. Disco Strat
  3. Behavior 2020 Remix
  4. Variable Mu


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