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Joni Void & N NAO - Nature Morte

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Nature Morte by Joni Void & N NAO

Collaborative album for experimental label where voice, tape samples and field-recordings meet montage and electronic production

Like its sister label IIKKI, releases on LAAPS stem from an aesthetic foundation. Developed over three years, Nature Morte is a collaboration between Québec artists Jean Néant and Naomie de Lorimier, aka Joni Void & N NAO, and is composed of 12 sound montages undulating over 40 minutes; the result is an Ambient performance piece, glittering with melodic jewels and mind-massaging contemplation.

If you only listen to one track

Géométrie Sacrée


Holly Herndon, Helm, Elysia Crampton



Artist website

Joni Void & N NAO

Release date

22 Oct 2020


  1. Lapse
  2. L’absurde
  3. Non-Linéaire
  4. Objet Impossible
  5. Géométrie Sacrée
  6. Entre-Temps (Coupure)
  7. Lapsus Révélateur
  8. Cadavre Exquis
  9. Trompe l’Oeil
  10. Prends Soin
  11. Terminus
  12. Möbius


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