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Stone Techno Series - Hexagonal

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Hexagonal by Stone Techno Series

First in a new collaboration between The Third Room and the Ruhr Museum Foundation called Stone Techno.

This is the first of four releases in a new series entitled Stone Techno; a collaboration between the Ruhr Museum and The Third Room collective with the goal of making Techno from sounds sampled from the mining sounds of industrial Ruhr. Efdemin, Oscar Mulero, Nene H. and Ahmet Sisman take the reins for the inaugural EP with Dax J, FJAAK, Hadone, Inhalt der Nacht, Jamaica Suk, Matrixxman and RØDHÅD lined up as future contributors.

If you only listen to one track

Efdemin - Steinbeisser


The Third Room

Release date

02 Jul 2021


  1. Efdemin - Steinbeisser
  2. Oscar Mulero - Primary Elements
  3. Nene H. - Aufprall
  4. Ahmet Sisman - Behind Concrete


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