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Not Waving - How To Leave Your Body

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How To Leave Your Body by Not Waving

Feel good album of left field electronic Pop

Alessio Natalizia's feel good album, focussing on friendship, loss and spiritual transcendence, is a delight. The quality vocal collaborators (Jonnine Standish, Marie Davidson, Spivak and Mark Lanegan) are the key to its success, although the thoughtful track sequencing allows the music to unfold sympathetically, with an allegorical flow. The mix of vocals and instrumentals remind me of the last Actress album Karma & Desire and early Helena Hauff. One of the albums of the year!

If you only listen to one track

Hold On feat. Marie Davidson


Actress, Helena Hauff


Ecstatic Recordings

Artist website

Not Waving

Release date

14 May 2021


  1. 99
  2. Hold On feat. Marie Davidson
  3. Never Ready feat. Spivak
  4. You Are Always Younger Than The Future
  5. My Sway feat. Jonnine
  6. When You're Quiet
  7. Define Normal
  8. Last Time Leaving Home Part 2 feat. Mark Lanegan
  9. Self Portrait
  10. Risentimento
  11. My Best Is Good Enough


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