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Fav Fav Music of 2020


Fav Fav Music of 2020

Fav albums, fav EPs, fav compilations, fav mixes and fav artwork.

In the shittiest of years for almost everything, new music continued to offer a lifeline to many (fans and creators alike) resolutely burning through all the crap like a flaming beacon of hope and fiery determination. The pandemic, corrupt politics, Black Lives Matter and the ensuing fallout from a life shocked and challenged, essentially overnight, left many feeling battered and disillusioned. The music landscape shifted irrevocably with many artists losing a key source of income from live performances and DJing. As venue doors closed and touring schedules were shredded, focus moved online. Bandcamp capitalised with their revenue-free Fridays initiative, encouraging a renewed energy around music creation. And even though the majority of producers were already making piss all from streaming services, somehow, new music continued to flow. So much new music came out in 2020!

Fav Artwork


Every successful album has artwork that matches the quality of the sound. This African Electronic/Grindcore debut from Duma is a memorable assault on all the senses.

Fav compilations

This year compilations were massive, and I'm not just referring the enormous number of tracks many of them contained! Whether it was a special benefit collection, a label round-up or a bunch of tracks focused on a theme, I discovered many new artists and labels this way. Here's the ones I really liked:

Alternate African Reality – Electronic, electroacoustic and experimental music from Africa and the diaspora

Interstellar Funk Presents: Artificial Dancers - Waves of Synth

Compilation Vol. 1 by Mystery Circles

Intensive Care, Vol. 1 by Auguri Records

Phalanx Pt.3 by Typeless

Relatives Schoensein Compilation

Relatives Schoensein Compilation


Fav mixes

I'm increasingly finding that listening to a whole mix feels like a luxury I can rarely afford these days, what with the incessant onslaught of new music on the horizon. In saying that, a few classy mixes jumped out at me for their high levels of sheer enjoyment. Here's the best of the bunch I heard:

Pan & Polo - Home Sweet Home (the mixtape)

Tom Middleton - isolatedmix 100

RA.723 Paramida

anu - Dummy Mix 603

NKISI - 100% Original Productions Mix

NKISI - 100% Original Productions Mix

RA.710 Nadia Khan

Fav albums and EPs

As my tastes morphed and interests oozed into the most unexpected crevices, I found that exploring the various offshoots of branches of trunks of electronic music, hearing so many new sounds, many far removed from the Pop and Techno foundation that once defined my position, tingled and delighted my ears. It's been a truly great year for new music.

Robert Haigh - Black Sarabande

EMIKA - Klavirni Temna

Jan Wagner - Kapitel

Esau - Ruff Beats Blue

Etapp Kyle - Nolove

Naone & S.O.N.S - Separate Ways

Kelpe - Run With the Floating, Weightless Slowness

Hypox1a - Critical Moment Of Will

Mary Lattimore - Silver Ladders

C. Diab - White Whale

Baby T - I Against I

Between Sleeps - Fantasia

TMPLT - The Verge

Against All Logic - 2017 - 2019

Too Smooth Christ - A_F_T_M_U_W_C [NN017]

Actress - Karma & Desire

Il Quadro di Troisi - Il Quadro di Troisi

Legowelt - Pancakes With Mist

Darkstar - Civic Jams

The Hidden Figure - Finality EP


One final album to add to the list! Although it was released in 2019 (right at the end) it actually ended up being my most listened to album!

Andrew Pekler - Sounds From Phantom Islands



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