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Owen Ross - Zinovii

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Zinovii by Owen Ross

Hazy Dub songs and instrumentals

Unlike the majority of his previous releases, the fourth album from American artist Owen Ross is free of Rap, which is a good thing. The cross-genre blend of Hip-Hop-tinged beats, soulful guitar and memorable song (two of the eight tracks contain vocals) is still present (he's just worked with actual singers this time, innit). The prevailing hazy Dub vibe is the clincher for me though, and fittingly it comes out on Deadbeat's BLKRTZ label. It's short and sweet (at just 20 minutes) but it's a pleasantly surprising winner.

If you only listen to one track

Thinking of You feat. Keenan O'Meara



Artist website

Owen Ross

Release date

01 Apr 2022


  1. Another Late Start
  2. The Wettest Desert
  3. Daily
  4. Logan's Flight
  5. Any Other Name
  6. St. Impulse of Leinstr.
  7. Almost Out of this Apartment
  8. Thinking of You feat. Keenan O'Meara


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