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Om Unit - Acid Dub Versions

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Acid Dub Versions by Om Unit

Acid Dub Studies gets the dub remix treatment

Working off the foundation established on last year's excellent Acid Dub Studies album, Jim Coles is back with more delicious Acid Dub explorations, this time courtesy of a fine array of remixers.

Echospace [Detroit] co-founder Stephen Hitchell turns in three lengthy deep cuts (two under his CV313 alias and a mind-expanding Ambient version of Rolling Stock as Variant) along with contributions from Dubkasm, Seekersinternational (a former collaborator via Berceuse Heroique) and Deadbeat.

If you only listen to one track

Ghosts (SKRS VIP)


Deadbeat, Dubkasm


Self released

Artist website

Om Unit

Release date

22 Apr 2022


  1. Dissolved (Deadbeat Remix)
  2. Ghosts (SKRS VIP)
  3. The Struggle (Dubkasm Version)
  4. The Struggle (Dubkasm Extended Version)
  5. Ghosts (CV313 Reanimation)
  6. Ghosts (CV313 Reanimation Dub)
  7. Rolling Stock (Variant Etherscope)


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