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fabric presents TSHA


fabric presents by TSHA

A contemporary old skool Acid mix

TSHA got an early break when Bonobo included her track Sacred in his fabric presents mix, so it seems fitting that she now graduates with her contribution to the esteemed series. And based solely on the well-selected, immaculately mixed tracks, the future is looking bright for the young London-based DJ and producer. The fact that she was also BBC Radio 1’s Breakthrough Artist of the Year in 2021 (with a selection of well-received EPs to date) makes it clear we're looking at a precocious talent. This fabric mix though... is just fantastic.

Incorporating flavours of ‘90s dance and old skool Acid House with contemporary cuts from breakthrough artists (including her own track BOYZ) it's a perfectly-paced, rollicking ride. Fluidly connecting genres and styles, you can take your pick from any number of sequences that prove pleasing, for example, halfway through we've got soulful Disco (from Nowsm) followed by rolling bass and drums (on one of my particular favs Downtown by Sally C) going into big room Techno (with Nicolson). It does what all the best mixes do, pleasantly surprise you for the first couple of listens then leave you with an air of anticipation for subsequent ventures. And like the best fabric mixes, thoroughly enjoyable too.

If you only listen to one track

Protect Ryan - Liam Features


Fabric 14: Stacey Pullen, Fabriclive 85: Jesse Rose



Artist website


Release date

06 May 2022


  1. Soulful Behaviour - Get To Groove (Jazznotic Groove Mix - Ben Gomori's Bad Behaviour Edit)
  2. Stefan Seay ft. WILLYOUARENOT - ACID KISS (MOOD Mix)
  3. Posthuman - You’re Mine (Mac & Ward Extended Remix)
  4. Conny - Song for Eva (Shan 3AM Pump Mix)
  5. Delicious Inc. - Eau De Chanté (For Men)
  6. Trax Unit - Get The Werk
  7. Jacques Greene - (Baby I Don't Know) What You Want
  8. Granary 12 - Mancmania
  9. Para - Naked
  10. Jeran Portis - Unproven
  12. WK7 - The Higher (Hardcore PCK Mix)
  13. Ryan Clover - Velvet Lace Dream State
  14. Nowsm - Funny Lies (Edit)
  15. Sally C - Downtown
  16. Nicolson - 1988
  17. TSHA - BOYZ
  18. Gallegos - Sycophantic Maniac
  19. Elkka - Harmonic Frequencies
  20. Aspect - Norf
  21. WTCHCRFT - Uhmm
  22. Protect Ryan - Liam Features
  23. Moppie - Moppie
  24. Tom VR - Soared Straight Through Me (Kareem Ali Remix)
  25. Mafro - Miss Me


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