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Introflirt - Temporary Heaven


Temporary Heaven by Introflirt

Modern electronic eighties pop music

Hailing from California, Introflirt are a trio led by Ben Benjamin and Temporary Heaven is their second album. Built on effective drum machine programming, punchy synthesisers and memorable melodies, they make self-described Croonwave, which equates to electronic music with resonating vocals. Throw in a few heavyweight subjects like sexual repression and religion and we have a fine balance of ingredients that work! The music has a nostalgic scent of the eighties, primarily emphasised by the parallels between Benjamin's luxurious crooning and that of Soft Cell lead man Marc Almond, but the music is certainly contemporary — for a different angle, think Devon Welsh and Majical Cloudz.

Orange Light and Frozen Lace perfectly represent the strong songwriting evident across the eight tracks, with the latter being the highlight.

If you only listen to one track

Frozen Lace





Artist website


Release date

12 Aug 2016


  1. Spadina
  2. Precious Thread
  3. Could Be Fun
  4. Not Like Mine
  5. Frozen Lace
  6. Orange Light
  7. Guilty
  8. Temporary Heaven


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