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Hologram Teen - Marsangst


Hologram Teen - Marsangst

Bouncy beats and catchy melody, what more do you need?

Ex-Stereolab keyboard player Morgane Lhote has gone solo as Hologram Teen and has just released Marsangst, her second record. She played with the seminal electronica outfit between 1995 and 2001 during which time they released some of their most celebrated work including Emperor Tomato Ketchup. She later joined The Projects and then, from 2005, played in Garden with members of Simian Mobile Disco.

Marsangst is the follow-up to her debut 7" single Post-Apocalypteacakes and after fourteen listens, I can safely say it's a very likeable four track EP of bouncy beats and catchy melody. Self described as Motorik Disco, the music may sound familiar in parts, yet the result as a whole is quite singular—even though I can't prevent a vison of Pete Burns popping  into my head every time I hear Franmaster Glash!

On Marsangst, I wanted to experiment with a more techno feel and style of production such as side-chain compression, which helped me create a more propulsive response between the kick drum and bass tracks.

Hex These Rules was influenced by the tongue-in-cheek Balearic feel-good dance anthems of the Spanish label Suara, while Scratches en Série is a playful homage to early hip-hop and bands such as The Sugar Hill Gang. Franmaster Glash has a special place in my heart as it’s the first Hologram Teen track I’ve ever written, and again it’s strongly influenced by early 1980s NYC Electro if you couldn’t already tell by the name.

Morgane Lhote


  1. Marsangst
  2. Hex These Rules
  3. Scratches en Série
  4. Franmaster Glash

Released by London-based Happy Robots Records.



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