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Time Traveler - I'm Made of Stars / Journal


Time Traveler - I'm Made of Stars / Journal

Triangle Records boss Michele Pinna presents a new project as Time Traveler with an album and EPs forthcoming

I've returned to this short clip a few times in the last few days, there's something subtly seductive about the intermittent bass drum offset by the creepy vocal.

Introducing Time Traveller (TT), a new project led by Triangle Records boss Michele Pinna with contributions from a range of celebrated producers like Dave Clarke, Detroit Techno Militia, Bas Mooy, Black Asteroid, DJ Hyperactive. With an album coming out at the end of September followed by a couple of EPs (with remixes) the music is shaped by sounds and images influenced by fashion designers, photographers, sculptors, artists as well as music producers close to TT's vision.

  1. Intro / I’m Made of Stars
  2. Alpha
  3. Dark Priesthood
  4. Currupttion
  5. Middle Break / Restricted Areas 
  6. Interstellar
  7. Supersymmetry
  8. Chronicles from B-29 Superfortress 
  9. ~ R ×
  10. Chaos Theory 
  11. Timestretcher n*17121985
  12. Stardust
  13. Outro / God is Word  


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