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Project STS-31 - Spiralgalaxie - Heinrich Mueller & The Exaltics


Project STS-31 - Spiralgalaxie - Heinrich Mueller & The Exaltics

Final release in the Hubble Telescope Series sees Heinrich Mueller and The Exaltics collaborate

Just pre-ordered Project STS-31 - Spiralgalaxie, the new album from Heinrich Mueller and The Exaltics (aka Robert Witschakowski). This is the third and final volume of the Hubble Telescope Series and follows Everything Is Nothing by Luxus Varta and Ancient Lights by ERP.

You can buy a special limited edition box set if you're quick, includes poster, badge, bonus tracks on a USB stick and more.

Due for release early September.

  1. Project STS-31 - Spiralgalaxie
  2. The Exaltics - NGC 253
  3. Heinrich Mueller - Adaptive Optics
  4. Robert Heise - Stars, Gases and Dust
  5. Der Zyklus - Ionospheric Delay_Short Version
  6. Project STS-31 - 50000 light-years away
  7. Rudolf Klorzeiger - Globular Cluster
  8. Crotaphytus - Diving through the Oceans of GJ 1214 b


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