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Dasha Rush - Contemplating


Contemplating by Dasha Rush

Expansive Ambient soundscapes with Dub and Techno elements and playful vocal treatments

On the follow-up to 2015's celebrated Sleepstep album, Russian artist Dasha Rush sounds confident and comfortable. Like building a live set from start to finish, we have nine immaculately produced tracks, over 46 minutes, that go from gentle and spacey to throbbing and immersive. Exploring facets of Ambient, Dub and Techno, Rush also incorporates vocal treatments, like the experimental opening track Joy 100, composed of a looped a capella. LoveX is as tough and rhythmic as it gets but the chamfered beats keep the vibe intimate. Summer Photons is like Barker's kick-less Techno but with a deadening Dub drape, while Dubby Doo could be Fluxion or Deepchord at their downbeat best. The arpeggio chords on closing track Trumpets of Andromeda circle back to the sense of introspection and contemplation Rush is aiming to achieve, making for a rather emotional conclusion.

If you only listen to one track



Carmen Villain, Fluxion, Deepchord



Artist website

Dasha Rush

Release date

29 Sep 2023


  1. Joy 100
  2. Light and Dust
  3. Morphingeist
  4. Hans Rivers
  5. Dubby Doo
  6. Summer Photons
  7. LoveX
  8. Autumn Rivers
  9. Trumpets of Andromeda


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