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Terrence Dixon - 12,000 Miles Of Twilight
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Classic Dixon, doing what he does best: transcendental Techno, this time in a flurry of four minute bursts. A wealth of ideas, primarily experimental, demanding at first but satisfying later on. The appeal of pop-length Techno has captured my mind; take the hypnotic tones of Uncondition Love or one of my favourites, the subdued In Orbit, another two or three minutes is unnecessary - I'm sure Robert Pollard (of Guides by Voices) would appreciate the brevity. Across the 21 tracks, there's a massive range of styles on show, like the buzzing refrain of I Stay Posted Up, brandishing all the traits of a six minute banger, condensed into half the time, next to the squeaking train brakes and cylindrical melody of the fleeting New York City. Or the spoken word vocal on When At Home next to the weird and schizophrenic title track 12,000 Miles Of Twilight.

So disparate and seemingly randomly sequenced are all these tracks, there's no chance of drawing a narrative. Although the second half does contain more Ambient-leaning tracks, it's an album of sketches, albeit beautiful works of art.

  • Rating: 7/10
  • Listens: 7
  • Highlight: In Orbit
  • Label: Out Electronic Recordings
  • Release Date: 3rd July, 2017
Terrence Dixon - 12,000 Miles Of Twilight