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Precipitation - Earth / Sky
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Bearing the hallmarks of the finest Detroit Techno, Canadian producer Zefan Sramek (aka Precipitation) presents four delightful tracks that will help wash away the days toils. Fourth album Earth / Sky presents two House tracks followed by two Ambient tracks. Opening track Earth 1 sports the sweetest synth melody, accompanied by a smooth-as-hell bassline that politely tips a hat to the famous Frankie Knuckles', mid-80s hit, Your Love. It's a combination that works and gets repeated on Earth 2, resulting in a low-key vibe that swirls around blissfully. Sramek reworks the first two tracks, extracting the basslines, and generally dampening down the rhythm on Sky 1 and Sky 2, leaving us with two lengthy mood tracks ideal for contemplation.

With previous releases on Ville Nouvelle and Jungle Gym, Sramek finds a good home on 100% Silk. Out on 28th September.

Precipitation - Earth / Sky