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A few good tunes Vol 42


A few good tunes Vol 42

Another selection of hot cakes... ow! Don't burn yo'sel'

  1. åmnfx - Springtime - from a recent rush of new tracks by the Russian producer, Springtime scratches my itch with its piano and House beats combo. Spells B L I S S
  2. Bangkok Impact - Seduction - a new act to me, Bangkok Impact is Finnish producer Sami Liuski, who's actually been making music since the turn of the century! He's had a few releases already on Creme Organization, as well as Viewlexx and Clone along the way. Like the åmnfx track, there's a catchy House vibe going on here, but it's the vocal sample that comes in halfway through that elevates things
  3. Bakground - Remember Dis - swoozy Jungle on Lobster Theremin... 'nuff said. Taster from a forthcoming EP called Clubjammerz
  4. Marcel Dettmann - Autumn77 - from the mighty Dettmann on Ostgut Ton, starts off inconspicuously enough, then that vocal sample kicks in! Really nice work... probably the highlight from his new six-track EP
  5. Schacke - Automated Lover - Danish producer Martin Schacke with a track that takes three minutes to kick in... but when it does: oh yes! Old-skool IDM vibes and a robust rhythm. Taken from the forthcoming compilation Kulør 001
  6. DJ Stingray 313 - Communications System (Aubrey RMX) - the British producer lifts us to Electro heaven with this remix
  7. Brainwaltzera - slagplum_rubick v.5 - the mysterious producer turns in another quality, emotion packed ride with a nice vocal sample and matching melancholy mood. Clear highlight from recent Bewplum EP
  8. Ocoeur - Passage - standout track from the new Ocoeur album Inner, its reverberating bass somehow fosters an air of respect and diginity; something you don't hear too often in the electronic music world
  9. Carmel - Georgia - one of two beautiful tracks from Leipzig-based Australian producer Carmel (one half of Senate) that form an essential release on Lobster Theremin. Gentle synths lead the way


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