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Kangding Ray - Predawn Qualia
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David Letellier, aka Kangding Ray has just launched a new label for recording artists with unique sonic identities that seek[s] to induce deep emotion through sound. It's called About Recording Artists (ara) and each release will be carefully curated by Letellier, focussing on either a particular concept or musical direction, and supported by unique, hand-made artwork. Watch a video of one Predawn Qualia cover being produced. Limited to just 500, each vinyl sleeve is individually painted with highly-pigmented acrylic, using a single-movement brush technique.

Aside from buying an original work of art, you'll also be buying some great music. If you're familiar with Letellier's previous work, you'll not be surprised to hear that the four tracks that make up the inaugural ara EP Predawn Qualia are immaculately produced. The title track opens proceedings with that ringing, chiming vibe Kangding Ray has made his own over the course of six albums. Manipulated voices, like backing singers, add a human warmth to the dampened-down beats. In reference to the artwork, Stone Sober Brushstrokes playfully combines a broken beat with haunting synths, cleverly building tension. That Kangding Ray Reverberating Effect™ floats in and out throughout Orcan Tears and into closer Trade On Azul, where the the rhythm drops off entirely, providing the perfect Ambient outro.

Expect upcoming releases on ara this year from Adiel, Refracted, Hydrangea and Voiski.

Kangding Ray - Predawn Qualia