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A few good tunes Vol 48


A few good tunes Vol 48

Fifteen wonderful tracks from Pop to Techno via Electro and House

  1. Sierra - Leftover - I've already banged on about the EP this track comes from already, so if you've not yet made yourself familiar with it, this is your last reminder. Dark synths and Electro Pop FTW!
  2. Milieu - Marshmallow Earth - wonky Electronic Pop on Recycled Plastics from Brian Grainger (his 1000th release!) taken from new album Shallow Earth
  3. Randstad - Teenage Vomit - more Pinkman delight, this time from Thomas van Linge, aka Randstad, with his first solo release for the label. It's got a nice 80s Coldwave vibe
  4. Hunter/Game - Silver (Silence Live Mix) - still rinsing a 2016 tune... but when it's this good, everything makes sense. Silver (Live Mix) is emotive Techno with a Tribal feel
  5. Booshank - F.T.H. - you'll know this Booshank EP from my recent Tips collection; F.T.H., the opening track from Operating With A Blown Mind, is superb. Out now on Butter Sessions
  6. 1800HaightStreet - Premonition - on one of my favourite labels, Lobster Theremin, the Canadian artists Zachary Treble and Hunter Cheveldave, aka 1800HaightStreet, with an excellent new EP called Confess
  7. Conforce - Haedron (134dsr) - sublime Dub Techno on Delsin from the Dutch producer: Haedron EP
  8. nthng - Microdose - the Dutch artist returns to Lobster Theremin for a new EP called Microdose. This guy's music continues to expand and develop in a way that excites me (his last EP Shine is also well worth investigation)
  9. Norwell - New Physics - as label Lobster Theremin (they're unstoppable, eh?) describe him: "Hungarian Electro wizard" Norwell turns up the heat on a new EP called New Physics. Due for delivery on 7th June
  10. Luxus Varta - Stilnox (Feat. Paris The Black FU) - not entirely sure of the origins of this track, whether it's a loose reference, an actual sample of the original material or a blatant rip-off, but the vocal element on this reminds me of Marshall Jefferson's Mushrooms, and I like it a lot. Taken from Plastic Time EP on Nocta Numerica Records
  11. Zomby - Zexor - highlight from the new Zomby EP Vanta on Bedouin Records. Cool vocal sample and IDM vibe
  12. Com Truise - Gaussian - a short and mournful track from the new Com Truise album Persuasion System (which sounds lovely btw). Out now on Ghostly
  13. Vanity Productions - Faith Alone - Christian Stadsgaard on top Ambient form under his Vanity Productions moniker. Contemplative stuff. Taken from new EP Only the Stars Come Out At Night on Posh Isolation
  14. Cosima - Ploaia - self-described "widow Pop", this beautiful track is from Bucharest based artist Cosima (one half of Future Nuggets) is one to cherish. Lifted from Ploaia EP
  15. Void Vision - Sour - Mannequin Records have just issued this repress for Shari Wallin's 2014 synth Pop hit Sour - bloody lovely it is too!


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