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Abul Mogard - And We Are Passing Through Silently


And We Are Passing Through Silently by Abul Mogard

Deep and immersive collection of remixes by Abul Mogard

Everyone's favourite electronic music producing pensioner from Serbia, Abul Mogard, has a new release out today called And We Are Passing Through Silently, and it is utterly sublime. Comprising five substantial remixes (four of which have been previously available) it plays out like a proper artist album; each track drenched in Mogard's trademark Ambient distortion. Joining reworks of tracks by Aïsha DeviPenelope Trappes, Nick Nicely and Fovea Hex (in collaboration with Brian Eno) we delight in Mogard's take on The Sky Is Ever Falling by Becoming Animal (with vocals by Cinder, aka Gordon Sharp of This Mortal Coil and Cindytalk).

Primarily Ambient in vibe, we find a common thread running through the five disparate songs: vocals. And it's this vocal element that Mogard has so expertly manipulated. A deeply immersive, almost spiritual, experience, the organ-soaked, emotion-packed melodies are drawn out in slow motion, leaving the listener swirling around in the depths of a vast space, not drowning but swaddled. It feels safe in this place, let's stay here.

If you only listen to one track

London South by Nick Nicely


Rafael Anton Irisarri



Artist website

Abul Mogard

Release date

15 Mar 2019


  1. Aïsha Devi - O.M.A. (Abul Mogard Remix)
  2. Penelope Trappes - Carry Me (Abul Mogard Remix)
  3. nick nicely - London South (Abul Moard Remix)
  4. Becoming Animal - The Sky Is Ever Falling (Abul Mogard Remix)
  5. Fovea Hex - We Dream All The Dark Away


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