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A few good tunes Vol 47


A few good tunes Vol 47

Here's your Friday listening sorted out..

  1. Terrapin - Cirrus Minor (The Black Frame Extract) - highlight from Kompakt's recent Velvet Desert Music Vol. 1 compilation, sees Jörg Burger join forces with Matias Aguayo as Terrapin covering Pink Floyd's Cirrus Minor (with Aguayo on vocals). Originally released on Pop Ambient 2013
  2. Karen Marks - Cold Café - a kickback to the 80s from a little known artist on Australian label Efficient Space. Her one celebrated track Cold Cafe, from 1981, finds a fresh audience along with some old demos, epitomising a fine cold, minimalist Pop
  3. Nocturnal Emissions - Never Give Up - another superb re-issue from the 80s courtesy of Mannequin Records. Taken from their third album Songs of Love and Revolution, Never Give Up by Nocturnal Emissions sounds both of its time (musically) and forward-thinking (in its political vocal snippets denouncing the tabloids and avoiding eating instant food)
  4. åmnfx - Modern Life - the Russian producer is back with a new album called Modern Life and judging by this lead track, it's going to be another strong release. Dark and ravey... don't sit on it
  5. Forever Jung - Unreal - nothing online about this mysterious artist but a quick comparison would be: "a banging John Maus" (this track anyway). Arguably my track of the year so far!
  6. Arthur and Martha - This City Life (Brutalist Architecture in the Sun Remix) - massive, melodic, feel-good track from Arthur and Martha, given the remix treatment by Brutalist Architecture in the Sun. Taken from a new compilation of remixes on Happy Robots Records, Adjustments has been ten years in the making and features fifteen reworks by the likes of Pattern Language, Hologram Teen and Gabe Knox
  7. CAIN - Nagan - Scottish producer making beats that incorporate a range of international sounds and cultures... right up my street! The Indian/Asian vibes on Nagan are particularly good. Lifted from a new digital compilation of previously vinyl-only 12" EPs called The Collection 2014​-​2019. Out via Huntleys + Palmers
  8. KODAMA - Spirit Enemy; Torture For Pleasure - I've already highlighted this mini-album from Kodama in a previous post, so you'll probably know this track well, yeah? Preaching to the converted?
  9. Claude Fontaine - Cry for Another - really looking forward to this album from a new UK-based American artist Claude Fontaine. Mixing Reggae, Dub and Pop with sublime results


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