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Various - Sektion 1

Buzz Buzz Buzz

Sektion 1 by Various

Powerful Techno compilation showcasing Kobosil's R-Label roster

Fourteen cutting-edge tracks with rarely a dip in quality, showing how Techno should be made in 2020.

If you only listen to one track

Ruined by Somewhen


Dax J, Kobosil,


R - Label Group

Release date

01 Jun 2020


  1. In Verruf - Zerfall
  2. Somewhen - Ruined
  3. Dimi - Interconnected Lines
  4. Clara Cuvé - Control
  5. Wallis - Hard Definitions
  6. Kobosil - Hafiza
  7. New Frames - Staub
  8. Dax J - Scope
  9. Rikhter - Kryptos
  10. Afem Syko - Like Soldiers
  11. Tham - Raw Reverbation
  12. mp3heat.ru - Tension
  13. In Verruf - Let Out
  14. Parallx - Ehre (feat. Chris Tnebris)


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