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Spotify June and July 2020


Spotify June and July 2020

Two months worth of quality music condensed into a CD-length selection

Having been so busy recently I wasn't able to put together a compilation of my Spotify listening in June, so – lucky you – you've got June and July bundled together!

Fourteen tracks that simply ooze quality with a range of styles — classical from Silvia Tarozzi, commercial but emotive from Disclosure, remixes and guests, Fourth World vibes and plenty of melody. The closing track from JPattersson may not sound out-of-place high in the charts but that's because it's as catchy-as-hell. Enjoy :-)

  1. Silvia Tarozzi – Al cancello
  2. Decha – Voj A Ver (Eva Geist Remix)
  3. Disclosure – ENERGY
  4. Kutiman – Tanzania
  5. Yorkston/Thorne/Khan – Sukhe Phool (Max Cooper Firefly Remix (Edit))
  6. Nocow – Never Leave Me
  7. Naone, S.O.N.S – Pacific
  8. Reptant – Phasic Reflex
  9. Shan – Nordring Trance
  10. Bas Grossfeldt – Lost In Translation
  11. Soft Boi – Fais Moi La Guerre (feat. Nastychong)
  12. Pinch – Entangled Particles (feat. Emika)
  13. Future Beat Alliance – Anti Clockwise
  14. JPattersson – Golden Streets

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