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Cyan85 - Lucid Intervals


Lucid Intervals by Cyan85

Debut album from young German producer works Electro traits with fresh appeal

Short bouts of rationality can not be guaranteed when listening to Lucid Intervals, the nine track debut album of mind haemorrhaging music from the German maker who calls himself Cyan85. If you heard his 2019 EP Bay Of Sampieri you'll already be familiar with the irresistible Electro vibes he trades in: melodic and chunky. While the obvious Drexciyan references are scattered throughout (Strangelet Research Lab anyone?) he still makes his mark through a combination of astute production techniques (arpeggios, samples etc.) and a keen ear for rhythmic control. At just 29 minutes, it's so short that it feels like an electronic whirlwind that abruptly materialised out of nowhere, slamming round your ears with a vortex of 808 riffs and dreamy synths, before disappearing just as rapidly, but the sense of dishevelment that remains is curiously agreeable.

If you only listen to one track

Aquasma, Strangelet Research Lab


Drexciya, Aux 88, Plant43



Artist website


Release date

10 Aug 2020



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