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A rapid round-up of regularly rotated recent releases you should hear very soon

Carmen Villain - Infinite Avenue

After picking up (and enjoying) Both Lines Will Be Blue, the new instrumental LP from Carmen Villain, I checked out some of her back catalogue and discovered that Villain posesses an alluring alto that lines up roughly between Liz Phair and Lana Del Rey. Her previous (vocal) album Infinite Avenue provides the perfect opportunity for some quality time away from the beats.

Kelpe - Break Synonyms

Kel McKeown returns with Break Synonyms, a new mini-album of fine electronica that branches off into all territories.

Bochum Welt - Seafire

Hauntingly beautiful, rigorously upbeat and everything in-between. The Italian producer Gianluigi Di Costanzo is in top form on his eighth studio album. Reflex-indebted IDM FTW. Out on Central Processing Unit... 'nuff said.

HTRK - Venus in Leo

Another fine antidote to regular rhythms this one. Five years since Psychic 9-5 Club, the Australian duo deliver, arguably, their best work to date. Venus in Leo works the same downtempo fervour as its predecessor, it's just deeper and more engrossing. And strangely more comforting too.

Lee Kelly - Excerpts From Layers Of Identity

In case you missed his (cassette-only) debut LP Layers Of Identity from 2018, Irish artist Lee Kelly kindly follows up with an EP of 'excerpts' that are well worth checking out, especially if you like lo-fi House and Detroit Techno.

East Of Oceans - Neverlasting Love

Neverlasting Love is a riveting three-track EP that harks back to the Rave glory days, courtesy of Ambient stalwart Brock Van Wey. Jungle rhythms and catchy vocals certainly make for a splendid marriage. I particularly like the effect when the beats begin to sound distorted (check Hard Red). Out on R&S.

Foghorn - Thanatos

Last year's Corona by Foghorn took traditional singer/songwriter approach and filtered it through and an Electronic/Ambient mincer, and I loved the results. On the release of his follow-up album Thanatos, I felt compelled to investigate and I'm glad I did. The album may be less Ambient (and more M83 or Slowdive) but it's still a thoroughly good listen.

Young Marco - Bahasa

Like the Egoismo album, I've been turning to Young Marco's new album late at night as an aid to digitally detoxing. Inspired by a visit to Indonesia (as part of the ‘Island Explorer’ label series) Bahasa "captures the spirit, ambience and atmosphere of the islands". Soft rhythms and gentle melodies make for a calming mood. Beautiful.



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