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Asymetrik - 001


001 by Asymetrik

Indian Techno... yep

In today's rich, multi-cultural world of electronic music, it rarely surprises me to discover where an artist hails from. The boundaries that may separate other styles of music don't really exist in the world of Techno. Listening to Asymetrik 001, the debut release on Planet Rhythm by Indian artist Arjun Vagale, aka Asymetrik, he could just as well be from Berlin! Browsing through Resident Advisor's list of Indian artists, I'll admit that I don't recognise many. Nor any of India’s top five Techno artists according to Red Bull. So on that note, may I introduce to you, the one and only Asymetrik!

Although he's been in the music business for two decades(!) this (my first taste of his work) is a promising five-tracker that effortlessly covers the full gamut of electronic music, from pummelling Techno (You're Buzzing My Friend) via vibey Electro (Before Dawn) through Breaksy rolling rhythms (Exit Stage Left) to glorious Acid-soaked Ambient (Xplor Senses). Only the raw, skeletal beats of C19H21N3O fail to move me. All in, this is a proper flexing of some well-toned musical muscles and hints at greater things.

If you only listen to one track

Xplor Senses


Tommy Four Seven, Slam



Release date

20 Sep 2019



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