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Therapy Sunday - Army Electronica

Buzz Buzz Buzz

Army Electronica by Therapy Sunday

Raucous electronica with shades of beauty scumbled over the cracks

Fan references aside, this up-and-coming electronic producer knows how to name his tracks! Jon Benham, aka Therapy Sunday, has tagged his name to a splatter of single tracks, EPs and (two) LPs in the last 18 months and the fresh scent of Punk resounds; like Bjarki in style and prolificacy but with an early Four Tet frayed edge. The distorted thumping rhythm on Mother Fucking Dr. House works for me.

If you only listen to one track

Mother Fucking Dr. House


Bjarki, Four Tet


Self released

Artist website

Therapy Sunday

Release date

11 Dec 2020


  1. one
  2. ruptured (lamb)
  3. cyanide princess
  4. crystals
  5. acidic nightmare
  6. mother fucking dr. house (lamb)
  7. thom yorke from yonkers
  8. dyspraxia
  9. you're a rotten bastard. i win
  10. ironically i am not a man
  11. pepsi princess


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