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Future Soundscapes

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Future Soundscapes by Various

Quality despatch from Greece with this Ambient Techno showcase

This is a great introduction to the deeper, experimental side of the Greek label USM Recordings. Future Soundscapes is a seven track compilation perfectly sequenced to form a fine 36 minute escape into the murky, acid-rain-soaked world of the future; think Blade Runner and B12 and you're in the right ballpark. Highly recommended!

If you only listen to one track

Subconscious Trip by Mic Meimaroglou


B12, The Black Dog, Oscar Mulero


USM Recordings

Release date

01 Feb 2021


  1. AgainstMe - Enthalpy
  2. Mic Meimaroglou - Subconscious Trip
  3. Kobzev - Memories From The Future
  4. Rlct - Altered Impressions
  5. Resilient - Sandcastles
  6. Exarchos - Fos  ft. Zorzét
  7. Icarus in love - Unexpected Shapes


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