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Animated Matter - Selkie


Selkie by Animated Matter

Ephemeral Ambient music extraordinaire

A selkie is a mythical term for 'beings capable of therianthropy', in this case changing between seal and human form by shedding their skin. Scottish in origin, the term conjures a scene of wild, romantic fantasy, not unlike the Loch Ness Monster, and, for the thirty minute duration of this album, allows the mind to roam freely in its elegant flow.

Composer and vocalist Hannah Elizabeth Cox and multisensory artist David Yann Robert are Animated Matter, and they've taken their shared interest in repetitive tonal textures (inspired by Grouper and William Basinski) and worked to the theme of Animism (the idea that objects, places and creatures all possess a distinct spiritual essence) to create an eight-part soundtrack to lockdown mindfulness. Subtle watery sounds, ethereal vocals and a heightened sense of calm abound as we hitch a ride with this magical beast. Like Raymond Briggs' The Snowman, it's like we're watching ourselves marvel at this subterranean transformation, the music reflecting the selkie's movements.

Simply put: a beautiful album.

If you only listen to one track



Grouper, Emily A. Sprague, William Basinski


Self released

Release date

12 Feb 2021


  1. teeming
  2. current
  3. manta
  4. return
  5. follow
  6. tide
  7. found
  8. home


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