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The Black Dog - My Brutal Life

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My Brutal Life by The Black Dog

Seeking beauty in the human condition through a Brutalist lens

The Sheffield Ambient/Techno maestros maintain their high standards with another effective, deeply conceptual album (recently coinciding with an exhibition of the same name). Seeking beauty in the human condition through a Brutalist lens by peel[ing] away superficial layers to expose the underlying emotional strata of the human aspect, The Black Dog have produced a powerful passage of musical prose that proves provocative and poignant.

Although the exhibition (of photographs, paintings, poetry and more) has passed, a catalogue is available to buy.

If you only listen to one track



Dust Science

Artist website

The Black Dog

Release date

13 Oct 2023


  1. It's Not Enough
  2. My Brutal Life
  3. The Mundane
  4. Beyond The Estate Agents Window
  5. Unité d’Habitation
  6. Asymmetrical Living
  7. Postcards For Comfort
  8. Hey Serry
  9. Droppingwell Futures
  10. Concrete Slit
  11. Future Townscapes
  12. Minimal Reconstruction
  13. Villa Göth Calling
  14. Béton-Brut
  15. Kahn


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