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Taranoya - Becoming

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Becoming by Taranoya

Quiet and contemplative songwriting

If you're a fan of introspective, contemplative composition, like that of Julianna Barwick and Grouper, then you'll love the gentle, dreamy world of Taraneh Schmidt, aka Taranoya. Exploring themes of identity and growth, the subtle melodies carry an air of melancholy and grief, while the shimmering synths and dubby vocals float with a passive air. Opening track Accidents moves slow and steady, as I want to move in the world says the Portland-based Persian artist, and this perfectly encapsulates Becoming, her debut album.

If you only listen to one track

Do I Return?


Grouper, Juliana Barwick


sound as language

Artist website


Release date

24 Sep 2021


  1. Accidents
  2. You're Only Breaking Down
  3. Thinking About You
  4. Let The Air
  5. Wake Me Up Rush Me Up
  6. Do I Return?
  7. Someday


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