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Round up


Round up

Tiny newsworthy nibbles from the last week or two

  1. Svreca in the mix for Resident Advisor - contains that monster Donato Dozzy The Night Rider
  2. A great selection of new and recently released books at Bleep
  3. DJ Hell's charts from April 1997 - top selection! Now what was I listening to in 1997?
  4. Skye Live 2017 - it's on my doorstep, I should probably go, eh?
  5. Bandcamp present A Look Back at Aphex Twin & Grant Wilson-Claridge’s Rephlex Records
  6. Lobster Records launch their new website
  7. Earthen Sea Interview
  8. In preparation for the new Porter Ricks album Anguilla Electrica, due out on 9th June, listen to Shoal Beat
  9. Check out the music from mysterious producer going by the name Roots in Heaven. It's someone we all know already... a label owner, resident DJ at cutting-edge clubs... who can it be?
  10. 45 Minutes of Techno by Arad - podcast from the Irishman, includes Kangding Ray, James Ruskin, The Bug and a Recon/Decon #2 track (Paula Temple, Rrose, Aïsha Devi, SØS Gunver Ryberg)
  11. New Kettenkarussell album on the way


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