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Rebekah - Fear Paralysis


Rebekah - Fear Paralysis

Latest long player on Soma feels comfortably at home

It's been a long time coming but Rebekah Teasdale has finally released her debut album Fear Paralysis. Over the course of numerous singles and EPs on labels like Soma, Naked Lunch, Smut Music and Cult Figures the British producer (from Birmingham) has steadily built a reputation for making dark and emotional Techno. Her path, like many before her, began with DJing followed by production; starting out in '96 (at the tender age of 16) her formative years shaped by big guns like Dave Clarke and Derrick Carter can be heard on her first ever track Just Another Groove on Kitch Bitch Recordings in 2011.

Her big break arrived with a remix of Matador’s Blond Slackers (on Stolen Moments) which attracted attention from the likes of Chris Liebing, Adam Beyer and Sandwell District. And it was Liebing's request for a mix for his CLR Podcast that eventually opened doors giving Rebekah a deserved profile lift.

Check out her CLR podcast from 2012, which includes tracks from Urbano, Ed Davenport, Roman Lindau, Function and herself. (I couldn't actually play it myself, I think the file may be missing). She's actually produced three mixes for CLR so far, all of which demonstrate her continual evolution as a decent selector.

Fast forward to late 2015 when Rebekah released Confined Heart, her debut EP on Soma. Not unlike the style of label compatriots Slam, her sound blends melody and tough Techno rhythms to great effect; a template that she's carried through to her debut album Fear Paralysis.

And with just a handful of listens so far, the quality of Fear Paralysis is easy to appreciate. Not just well produced music, the fine balance between softer and harder tracks is evident; and sequenced perfectly to ensure a satisfying ebb and flow. Listen to a few tracks below:



Breakfast with Jeff


  1. Intro
  2. Breakfast With Jeff
  3. 1997 Reprise
  4. Requiem For A Dream
  5. Breathe
  6. Tell Me Your Secrets
  7. Fear Paralysis
  8. Thirteen
  9. I Died A Thousand Times
  10. Code Black
  11. Again
  12. Later That Day
  13. Anxiety

The album's out now on Soma.



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