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Rosa Anschütz - Votive

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Votive by Rosa Anschütz

Experimental Coldwave

There's a sense of vulnerability rooted in this music, from the skeletal instrumentation to the gently sung words to the striking artwork. Rosa Anschütz is an artist (sound and visual) and her work carries the learned air of interpretation and process. As a result, the concept of votives as an offering or a desire or a performance can be appreciated on many levels. Musically, the balance of experimentation with a Coldwave vibe is therefore fitting. It's a slow-grower but rewards are there for the reaping.

If you only listen to one track



Quiet Love

Artist website

Rosa Anschütz

Release date

02 Nov 2020


  1. Out Of True04:15
  2. Soft Resource04:15
  3. In Spate03:06
  4. Rausch der Sinne04:49
  5. Methane04:36
  6. Opacity03:54
  7. Morph Me03:41
  8. Zitterndes Wasser04:58
  9. Adjustment


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