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Actress - Karma & Desire

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Karma & Desire by Actress

Ruffles like a good head massage

Less challenging maybe but cut from the same fabric as his previous work, this is Darren Cunningham's best album yet. The element of dishevelled shabby chic I often associate with his work remains, while the collaborations (with Zsela, SamphaAura T-09, Vanessa Benelli Mosell and Christel Well) seduce, bringing out the creative best in his wonderfully warped take on this whole glitz thing.

If you only listen to one track

Angels Pharmacy (feat. Zsela), Remembrance (feat. Zsela)


Forest Swords


Ninja Tune

Artist website


Release date

23 Oct 2020


  1. Fire and Light
  2. Angels Pharmacy (feat. Zsela)
  3. Remembrance (feat. Zsela)
  4. Reverend
  5. Leaves Against The Sky
  6. Save
  7. VVY (feat. Sampha)
  8. XRAY
  9. Gliding Squares
  10. Many Seas, Many Rivers (feat. Sampha)
  11. Loveless (feat. Aura T-09)
  12. Public Life (feat. Vanessa Benelli Mosell)
  13. Fret
  14. Loose (feat. Christel Well)
  15. Turin (feat. Aura T-09)
  16. Diamond X
  17. Walking Flames (feat. Sampha)


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