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Pink Shabab - Never Stopped Loving You


Never Stopped Loving You by Pink Shabab

Sad Disco songs

On his 2019 debut album Ema By The Sea, Joseph Carvell lamented his hopeless love life in nine stripped-back odes to mistakes made, each built on a strong bassline with a drum machine for accompaniment. All good, but his alluring, spoken-style of singing was the clincher, sort of introverted punk. New album Never Stopped Loving You picks up where he left off.

On Ema, there was a distinct yet understated element of Disco but on Never he's comfortably slipped up a gear into full-on Disco Pop mode. The productions now carry an increased vibrancy, less lo-fi, not so stripped-back. On Show Your Love he goes balls-out with the high-hat lifts. On San Junipero, the force of Disco is unstoppable, the bouncing bass like Hot Chip at their most commercially aware. On Let Go, the manic claps carry a defiant 80's vibe. It's a feel-good album in the tradition of the best sad disco songs, balancing upbeat rhythms with matters of burden and loss.

If you only listen to one track

Why did I leave you that morning


Rodney Cromwell, Milo Korbenski, Hot Chip


Karaoke Kalk

Artist website

Pink Shabab

Release date

11 Feb 2022


  1. Kiosk Instrumental
  2. Run away
  3. Show your love
  4. Let go
  5. You stepped out of my life
  6. San Junipero
  7. Second Time
  8. Why did I leave you that morning
  9. All the way


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