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Johanna Knutsson & Sebastian Mullaert - Live At De Waalse Kerk 2019

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Live At De Waalse Kerk 2019 by Johanna Knutsson & Sebastian Mullaert

Sleep, semi-conscious, consciousness, contemplation, concentration

Coinciding with World Sleep Day on Friday 19th March 2021, Johanna Knutsson and Sebastian Mullaert present this 2019 event, recorded live and improvised, from inside De Waalse Kerk, a medieval church in Amsterdam, in front of a captive audience of semi-conscious dreamers. Part of a series called In Dreams, the performance is not unlike Max Richter's Sleep project, in that it explores how ones natural somnolence could be provoked by listening to expansive ambient soundscapes when in a semi-conscious state.

The idea that your subconscious mind is receptive to sounds at certain stages of your sleep cycle piques my interest. Since its release, I'd been intrigued to experience Richter's version for myself, so a few weeks back I gave it a shot. At my usual bed-time I hit play on my music player and slowly drifted off. It wasn't long before I stirred though, aware of enchanting choral sounds, definitely affecting my dreams, I found myself fitfully meandering in and out of sleep for the rest of the night. The following day I was tired. As a result, of the three times I've listened to the Knutsson and Mullaert 8½ hour extravaganza, it was during intentional waking hours only. It proved to be an ideal background companion for concentration.

I have little doubt that, as a participant, attending one of these sleep events would be a different experience; memorable, rewarding, enlightening even. But in the current pandemic conditions, it's an unlikely event. Instead, you are invited to join in with the live stream event this Friday from 11pm to 7am (CET) (NB. start one hour earlier at 10pm if you're in the UK) for a mutual dreaming experience!

Set a reminder: https://youtu.be/FbMD2TXJ2Uo

Tips to prepare:

  • eat just a couple of hours before, not later
  • advise everyone around you to not disturb you for eight hours
  • make all arrangements and preparations before the start: toilet needs, water and fruit aside your bed, set your devices in sleep mode, volume of your sound system as low as a tickle
  • the video is just a sound player: turn off all the screens
  • drink a cup of tea mindfully
  • if you're used to, do your meditation/breath/mindfulness practice before the start
  • prepare your bed and lay down in the Shavasana posture
  • tune in to the live stream
  • try to not think when you listen; don't check your phone, write, force yourself in anything: let the experience work; close your eyes

All eight hours of Live At De Waalse Kerk 2019 will be available digitally via Circle Of Live label.

If you only listen to one track

Dream 34, Dream 35


Max Richter


Circle of Live

Release date

19 Mar 2021


  1. Dream 1
  2. Dream 2
  3. Dream 3
  4. Dream 4
  5. Dream 5
  6. Dream 6
  7. Dream 7
  8. Dream 8
  9. Dream 9
  10. Dream 10
  11. Dream 11
  12. Dream 12
  13. Dream 13
  14. Dream 14
  15. Dream 15
  16. Dream 16
  17. Dream 17
  18. Dream 18
  19. Dream 19
  20. Dream 20
  21. Dream 21
  22. Dream 22
  23. Dream 23
  24. Dream 24
  25. Dream 25
  26. Dream 26
  27. Dream 27
  28. Dream 28
  29. Dream 29
  30. Dream 30
  31. Dream 31
  32. Dream 32
  33. Dream 33
  34. Dream 34
  35. Dream 35
  36. Dream 36
  37. Dream 37
  38. Dream 38
  39. Dream 39
  40. Dream 40
  41. Dream 41
  42. Dream 42
  43. Dream 43
  44. Dream 44
  45. Dream 45
  46. Dream 46
  47. Dream 47
  48. Dream 48
  49. Dream 49
  50. Dream 50
  51. Dream 51
  52. Dream 52
  53. Dream 53
  54. Dream 54
  55. Dream 55
  56. Dream 56
  57. Dream 57
  58. Dream 58


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