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Manrish - Wieder um die Säule


Wieder um die Säule by Manrish

Techno and Rave wreckers

New EP from the Spanish maker show marked improvements on his earlier tracks (with a single release every year since 2018's debut on 2RB Records, it's a been an even evolution!). Slowly chipping away at the tried-and-trusted Techno traits that have shaped his way, the trio of tracks that comprise Wieder um die Säule (translates as "Around the Pillar Again") carry a greater sense of stealth. It may be the razor sharp production – check the perfect thudding kick that drops early (1:37) on the title track or the rousing spirit of Back's subtle vocal snippet working in perfect tandem with the Rave stabs – but it's more likely the young producer's developing knack for balancing addictive melodic tension with a rip-roaring rhythm.

If you only listen to one track

Wieder um die Säule


Slam, Marcus L, Somewhen


Self released

Artist website


Release date

01 Oct 2021


  1. Wieder um die Säule
  2. Back
  3. Laniakea


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