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Euphemia Rise - Born a Cow

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Born a Cow by Euphemia Rise

Dour Pop celebrating the darker things in life

Belgian artist Wim Lankriet tackles heavy subject matter on his debut album as Euphemia Rise. Over a brief eighteen minutes and sounding like a cross between Syd Barrett and Stony Sleep, eight tuneful odes to drugs, prostitution, sadomasochism and rape are delivered in the guise of a Guided By Voices album.

If you only listen to one track

Come to the Other Side


Stony Sleep


Self released

Artist website

Euphemia Rise

Release date

08 Sep 2021


  1. Born a Cow
  2. Half Your Life
  3. Surviving the Dreams
  4. Come to the Other Side
  5. The Miracle Child
  6. A Rose Shattered
  7. Matthew 16:26
  8. Heaven in Your Hands


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