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Kaczmarek 'reworks'


Kaczmarek 'reworks'

Big hitters step up for 'reworks' EP

If Kaczmarek is a new name to you don't worry, the man behind the moniker is actually celebrated French DJ and producer Paul Ritch, who's been purposefully plying his trade (Minimal-style club Techno) for over ten years and has released widely with high profile labels like Cocoon, Drumcode, Get Physical, Wagon Repair and SOMA, as well as on his own Quartz Music imprint, so you've probably heard his work at some point.

Last year Ritch changed track having chosen to focus on more experimental-leaning Techno music, i.e. away from the club. He released his debut album IIIIIIIIIIIIII as Kaczmarek on his brand new label KCZMRK in October 2017. A swishy, 3D-sound, live show in support followed thereafter.

I firmly believe that the best Techno these days is being made away from the big room floors, and I suspect Ritch shares my thinking, so it makes sense that if an established artist wants to reinvent (and prove) himself, then aiming at the more tasteful Techno market is the way to go.

With all the right ingredients: pace, texture, subtle melody, syncopated beats, a few "biggish" room belters to satisfy older fans, IIIIIIIIIIIIII is a strong album that demonstrates an experienced hand at the controls. So rather than fourteen thoroughly polished Techno hymns, we have instead fourteen shattered shells, put through the wringer with love and care. The emotive melodies now battered into pleasing shapes and the veneer truly worn down to reveal the artist's true statement. It's a satisfying, dark journey that would please fans of Monoloc and Oscar Mulero.

In the wake of his recent live tour, Kaczmarek interest is maintained with a brand new remix EP called 'reworks'. Sterac (aka Steve Rachmad) Vril, Lewis Fautzi, VSK and Djedjotronic all add their mark to various tracks from the album. And while all five efforts are excellent, the VSK track is easily the standout here.

  1. IIIII (Sterac Remix)
  2. IIIIIIIIII (Vril Remix)
  3. IIII (Lewis Fautzi Remix)
  4. IIIIIIIII (VSK Remix)
  5. IIIIIIIII (Djedjotronic Remix)

Out now on 12" and digital download.



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