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Spotify Jan 2018


Spotify Jan 2018

The best electronic music I heard on Spotify last month

  1. Sleep D & Albrecht La'Brooy – Marshland
  2. SFV Acid – Lil Gurn
  3. Tenebre – Axe Nord-Sud
  4. тпсб – Pacifier Habits
  5. Skatebård – Parfymert joggesko
  6. AtomTM & Lisokot – Maschinenwalzer
  7. FRAK – Long Fork
  8. Cleric & Setaoc Mass – Madame Butterfly
  9. The Golden Filter – Heart Control
  10. JK Flesh – Bullied by Love
  11. Xenia Beliayeva – Noir (Sid Le Rock Remix)
  12. Laurence Guy – Drum Is A Woman (feat. Steve Spacek)
  13. Gantz – Fugazi (feat. Elif Dikec)
  14. J.G. Biberkopf & Aisha Devi – The Illusion of Solidity


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