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Fit of Body - Far From The Rhythm


Far From The Rhythm by Fit of Body

Electronic Pop with a House bent

In less than half an hour, the second album from Atlanta-based producer Ryan Parks, aka Fit of Body, packs in ten tracks of deliriously good electronic Pop with a House bent. If this artist is new to you, then a useful point of reference could be Galcher Lustwerk, not that Parks sounds much like the Ghostly artist, it’s just that they share a certain je ne sais quoi in their lazy/hazy, lo-fi, spoken-word style of vocal delivery. (Parks actually brings much more melody and charisma to his work.) Contrarily, on After Hours he actually sounds a bit like James Stinson. Resident Advisor described his sound as "Ethereal hip-house" but there no rapping on Far From The Rhythm. Instead we’re treated to delightful saxophone interplay with driving rhythms (on the same tracks) and swollen House beats with sing-along refrains on others, particularly album highlight When We Sleep (ft. Elizabeth Wight). The real beauty is how Parks manages to make it all sound so effortless (just like Lustwerk).

If you only listen to one track

Punks Unavailable


Tiga, Galcher Lustwerk



Artist website

Fit of Body

Release date

07 Jul 2023


  1. In Loving Memory Ft. Elizabeth Wight
  2. After Hours
  3. Punks Unavailable
  4. Rhythm Interlude
  5. Far From The Rhythm
  6. Silk Flowers (Instrumental)
  7. When We Sleep Ft. Elizabeth Wight
  8. Cherry Pinup
  9. In Spirit Of
  10. Tell Myself (Outro)


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