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Everything Shook - Blacking Out


Blacking Out by Everything Shook

Catchy electronic Pop music with subversive lyrics

Evolving their naughty brand of electronic Pop since 2012, Irish trio Everything Shook have delivered a second album slathered in prickly, feel-good vibes. Think: sad Disco songs (for instance, opener Stand Ajar sounds like the corrupted cousin of Abba!) combined with a punky, girl band aesthetic.

All three members sing, two bring a theatrical / choreography bent to their live performances and their songs trade in subversive lyrics, i.e. they're different. Toy Shitzu, with its addictive bass line and synths is a fine example, their collective admission of frustration at unrequited text messages, has backing vocals, toing and froing, in support of the main 'hanging around' refrain. On Horror Show, the vocals are deliciously near maniacal, particularly towards the end. And then on the beautiful cover version of Q Lazzarus' Goodbye Horses, the singing is simply sing-along sweet.

In terms of lyrics, my favourite line (from Three Crows):

You gave me five books and a look

The range of vocal styles is reflected in the range of music. While most tracks are upbeat, on a more downtempo note, we've got Ballroom Of Death with the same winsome melancholy Carla dal Forno employs. Too Hot For Me may deal with tongue-in-cheek teen themes but the languid, swaying rhythm works. At 1:05 on Nice To Meet You that weird sound effect is memorable. And more Disco spawn in the form of Tremblement De Terre. Great songwriting. I wonder if covering a classic like Goodbye Horses has rubbed off?

If you only listen to one track

Toy Shitzu


Goldfrapp, Zeno & Oaklander, Voice of the Beehive, Ladytron


Self released

Artist website

Everything Shook

Release date

30 Mar 2023


  1. Ballroom Of Death
  2. Goodbye Horses
  3. Horror Show
  4. Mattress
  5. Nice To Meet You
  6. Stand Ajar
  7. Three Crows
  8. Time And Money
  9. Too Hot For Me
  10. Toy Shitzu
  11. Tremblement De Terre
  12. Wintering


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