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DJ Food mix for Soundwave


DJ Food mix for Soundwave

DJ Food, aka Strictly Kev, has produced the latest mix for Soundwave podcast, and it's a pleasantly downtempo affair, with a bunch of new and familiar artists

  1. The New Obsolescents - Huh
  2. Pictogram - Slow Action
  3. Clocolan - Deepdale Falls
  4. Celestial Mechanic - Dana’s Theme (Reprise)
  5. Robert Fripp  - Music For Quiet Places 7 – At The End of Time
  6. BUNKR - East of Eden
  7. Celestial Mechanic - Dinner In The Ruins
  8. Squarepusher - Detroit People Mover
  9. Robert Fripp - Music For Quiet Places 13 – Horizon
  10. Steve Hauschildt - The Nature Remaining
  11. LF58 - Metamorfosi
  12. Jon Brooks - Emotional Freedom Techniques

Soundwave site.



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