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Darkstar - Civic Jams

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Civic Jams by Darkstar

Best album yet from the UK duo

I love the press blurb that explains the approach Darkstar took on their fifth album:

A photonegative of a dance record shaped by a dialogue between shoegaze atmospherics and UK bass music’s ‘hardcore continuum’. We’ve tried to look at the juxtaposition of being comfortable in an often claustrophobic era of unrest both politically and culturally. Tangible space is where this album focuses - it’s about having the last warning on a tax bill and going to a rave. It’s resigned to having a drink while Brexit blares out in the background. Being able to enjoy the sun while another 0845 number rings out on your mobile for god knows what. We wanted to look at singling out those moments when you balance the everyday fuckery you find yourself in with being in a place or a community that resonates with you and eases the burden. We’ve trivially written about debt, fuck it, think about it tomorrow. Explored Brex-IN rather than Brex-IT, imagine joining rather than leaving. Observed how comforting it is having a local to take the edge off while you chat shit to your mate and tried articulating if all of this was any different - would it be as graceful?

For fans of Jam City's Dream A Garden or the recent Cut Copy album, it's a melodic affair that worms its way into your psyche and lingers longingly.

If you only listen to one track



Jam City, Cut Copy



Artist website


Release date

19 Jun 2020


  1. Forest
  2. Jam
  3. 1001
  4. 30
  5. Wolf
  6. Loon
  7. Tuesday
  8. Text
  9. Blurred
  10. Jam - Pushups In The Rave Mix
  11. Yeah


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