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Hypox1a - Critical Moment Of Will

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Critical Moment Of Will by Hypox1a

Menacingly meditative music depicting cognitive decline

I love Moe Espinosa's outlook on life: gritty, grounded and real. The US artist makes music as Drumcell and Hypox1a, the latter veering off the dancefloor towards a more cinematic, contemplative sound. Of the four improvised tracks that make up  Critical Moment Of Will, he says:

No matter what side of the mirror you feel you are sitting on, the social decay around us has never been more evident. Words only seem to add to this deplorable state of affairs. Leaving me with the only voice I have left: an audible reflection without motives or political agenda, to simply reflect on the onslaught of opinions and coercive subjectivity that pushes in from every direction.

The music perfectly questions our current state, politically as well as mentally, soothing and ruffling in equal measure. Quietly haunting melody toying with your conscious. Superb stuff.

If you only listen to one track



Dasha Rush, Alva Noto



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Release date

07 Aug 2020



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